Bay Area Hockey Repair & Sharpening is here for you to maximize your game. We are the bridge between the retailers & manufacturers. No other business like ours in the WORLD offers 1,000 services like BAHR. We focus on keeping your gear in top shape & your edges sharp, level and the last thing you worry about. We literally can fix anything hockey equipment EXCEPT broken/cracked helmets.

We are here to save you money; after all, we are a repair shop!

BAHR offers $5 Skate Sharpening overnight Drop Box Service – the BEST DEAL in America!  – Use during OFF hours. Open Drop Box, fill out sharpening tag with your name, phone number and edge preference, tie it on skate, drop skates and pick up next day when we open!

Overnight Skate Sharpening Drop Box is available AFTER hours. Pick up the next day! ONLY $5! ANY TYPE OF SHARPENING. NOT KIDDING.
Just Open Drop Box, fill out TAG with your Edge preference, Your full name & call back number. Drop in box. Give us up to an our after opening the following day to pick up. We are open 7 days a week. Pay $5 when you pick up. A great service for our annual unlimited sharpening pass members too!

$75 (10) Pack Skate Sharpening Deals

$10 REGULAR PRICE FOR ROH (Radius of Hollow)

$12 REGULAR PRICE FOR FBV ( Flat Bottom V)

$6 ROH JR       $7 FBV JR

$15 CROSS GRIND + Skate Sharpening

Do you play for a travel team? Multiple teams in recreation league? Skate more than 5 sessions per week? Consider an unlimited annual sharpening pass!

BAHR offers Unlimited Sharpening pass the the entire year! Packages start at $149.99/per year. All annual passes include UNLIMITED Skate Sharpening, 10% OFF Accessories, New/Used Gear, Step Steel/Tydan Blades and all repairs! (Does not apply to Integral Hockey)