Essan’s Story

Essan’s oldest photo with repaired gear at age 15. This was at Gremic Roller Hockey in Japantown, San Jose, California. Instead of buying a WebTv like most of his friends, he saved up from his repair jobs to purchase his first brand new goalie gear: Heaton Helite IV Blocker. Bowl cuts were the norm back then unfortunately. 

Essan founded Bay Area Hockey Repair & Sharpening in San Jose, California on November 17, 2011 in the back of his Jeep, calling it “Mobile Goalie Repair.”  He paid $20  for a set of Koho 560 Leg Pads off Craigslist at the former Power Play Hockey parking lot, evoking a forgotten skill set lost in the rat race of life. Grandma “Inang” Victoria taught Essan how to sew at age 8 & help with her small business, teaching him with invaluable work ethic, entrepreneurship and family values at a very young age back in the Philippines.

Fast forward to the early 90’s when Essan’s family moved to Nevada, Missouri. Assimilation was not easy for the teenager navigating a new country & culture in a small farm town. Then one day while browsing through the kitchen television, eating salisbury steak (salisbury steak) TV Dinner and a can of vienna sausage, Essan saw a hockey game and was hooked immediately. Having a 20-foot satellite dish with a technologically savvy stepdad showed a world that Essan became fascinated with. Later that year he saw a Kansas City Blades (former IHL) hockey game where he saw Arturs Irbe in net (before he got called up to San Jose Sharks).


Coach Cathy Andrade from Cathy’s Power Skating helped me transition from roller to ice hockey before making the SCVHA Blackhawks Midget Travel Hockey Team back on a scholarship at Eastridge Ice Center all them years ago. She is the staple of coaching and skill development here in the SF Bay Area. So lucky to have her. Thank you for bringing out the best in all of us!

Fast forward to spring of 1994 when the family moved to California, Essan wanted to play hockey, but mom would not allow it. He did it anyway. He rode a bus to Gremic Roller Hockey and spoke with the owner about fixing their rental gear. Mr Van Lewyn gave him a shot. From that moment on, he was acquiring work by word of mouth for cash and rink time, so he could buy his own gear and afford hockey. Eventually, he saved up to purchase a brand new Heaton Helite IV Brodeur blocker, instead of a Web TV (which everyone in Silicon Valley was buying) the rest were hand-me downs, Craigslist buys, and trash can gear he repaired to play with. Essan’s first job at age 16 was working at Vallco Ice Chalet in Cupertino in the Pro Shop & later on at Hockey Workout, Inc with a quick stint at Power Play Hockey.
Essan, like a typical Asian kid with parents that has plans for him going to attend medical school, kept his hockey life a secret from mom and grandma. Mom didn’t find out until she got a phone call from the Santa Clara Valley Hockey Blackhawks club about making the Midget travel hockey team on a scholarship! That senior year of high school playing travel hockey, making the Santa Clara Valley Hockey Association (SCVHA) All Star team with team MVP honors meant the world to the young man before heading off to college.

Essan attended California College of the Arts in San Francisco while working for Hockey Workout, Inc. He collected many skillset from facilities management, zamboni maintenance, to retail and was the assistant manager when the shop unfortunately closed in 2003. After college, he quit hockey after he sustained his 5th concussion and focused on his sales career. He spent almost a decade in Sales & Insurance business with Karaoke KJ/Wedding DJ on the side. He made the decision to move closer to grandma and care for his great aunt shortly after the tragic San Bruno/PG&E pipeline explosion in 2010.
Fast forward to 2011. Lost, Broke and jobless, Essan made a $20 Craigslist impulse buy. It was a set of Koho 560 goal pads. It evoked forgotten skills he had accumulated over the years. He repaired the leg pads with his old sewing repair kit grandma kept in storage, sold it for $150 on eBay.  He founded Mobile Goalie Repair on November 19th 2011.

Essan with his oldest friend Joe. Photo taken at Santa Cruz Boardwalk inside Neptune’s Kingdom Arcade Photo Booth in 1994. He’s also the web developer to this website overhaul. He’s a world class developer coming out of retirement to make this ambitious site possible. 

Essan worked out of his Jeep and grandma’s driveway for the next year, reaching out to his old teammates, coaches and networked within the local hockey community from making house calls, building social media presence, with the plan to have a brick and mortar store.
He changed the name to now Bay Area Hockey Repair & Sharpening in 2016
Since 1994, Essan has take apart and repaired over 50,000 pieces of hockey and sports equipment to date while maintaining a 5-star Yelp!, Google and Facebook feedback rating.

He has set the standards in the hockey repair business by solving his customers’ equipment problems. Throughout the years, he has perfected repair techniques, helping out hockey parents, amateurs to pro equipment managers, pro shops and pro athletes directly. He’s a master with equipment modification , and developed new products in the hockey industry that stands out with high quality materials, practical money saving innovations, and bridging the gap closer between new equipment and unseeable trash.

He has develop a unique business model that never existed before: The most complete Hockey Repair Shop that is way beyond Skate sharpening, Skate repair and repalming player gloves. BAHR is a worldwide brand because of support from his local community, mail-in customers seeking out his expertise through online forums & social media worldwide & his peers in the industry. He has a small number of custom made goaltending equipment being used and thousand of units sold throughout the world made by   BAHR SPORTS, LLC from Skate Guards, suspender buttons to goalie replacement & “do it yourself” modification parts like boot Risers, Goalpad Knee Sliders (Covers) no other company makes! He is in the process of obtaining Utility and Design patents for his innovations.

Essan working on former ECHL Stockton Thunder goalie Cody Reichard’s goalpads before a saturday night game at Stockton Arena during the 2015-2016 season. 

Essan is active in his community with any way he can contribute. BAHR has donated thousands of dollars to causes from Donating on, Diabetes Tour de Cure, Movember Foundation, United Heroes League, Red Cross, Contributed with his customers and network over 4,000 items to Santa Rosa Fire Victims in 2.5 days in October 2017 and countless dollars/man hours giving discounted repairs & skate sharpenings to those in need, Essan also makes time to mentor those in need and contribute to nurture the greatest sport of hockey . Essan is a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley & Small Business Development Center Silicon Valley.

Essan is working towards maximizing his resources to grow his brand, expand his operations and further innovate products and goaltending equipment. After all, he is at the heart of the Silicon Valley, the land of innovation! His passion for developing products, 1000 repair services that no one can compete with, “made in Silicon Valley” products delivering the best possible quality!  Essan founded BAHR SPORTS, LLC January 2017 as a sports manufacturing company making over 200 hockey replacement parts, accessories & apparel, to custom Goal equipment. BAHR SPORTS products retailers include , Tydan Blades, Royal Oak Ice Arena and counting!

Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting BAHR!

With Coach David Guy at ECHL Stockton Thunder game in 2015 living our dream. He was my first ever boss at Vallco Ice Chalet in Cupertino. He currently coaches Bellarmine High School Ice Hockey Team.
Essan with Grandma Victoria “Inang” at Logitech Ice Center (Now Solar4Ice San Jose) Circa 2001. Probably the last game grandma watched in person. Her body may be frail now but she’s still as sharp as anyone! That’s coach Yoshi Chai in the background driving the Zamboni!
Essan catching up with Archie (Arturs Irbe) at Sharks Ice San Jose in 2016. This photo was taken the earlier in the day before being honored at SAP center as part of San Jose Sharks 25th Anniversary campaign.

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