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“Great job with my gloves Essan! Thank you!”

“Great guy! Great Work!!! Same day service!!! Brings gear back from the dead!”

-Corby A., Equipment Manager for Stockton Thunder of the ECHL

“For any Battram customers in the area I recommend this repair shop highly.”

“Mobile Goalie Repair has gone beyond my expectations, I’ve never seen clean repairs with such great prices. Whether it’s a mod or repair you can’t handle yourself, Essan is the man to do it. His tips and tricks are great plus he is a good teacher willing to share his knowledge from sewing to repair advice.”

– Jake Gwillim, Michigan, Lansing Capitals #30 G, GGSU, AAA NAPHL

“From emergency repairs, tips & tricks, selling me parts, trading for the Niemi Set, sell consignments, and refurbish pro returns: Essan has done everything for me except play against in a game! Danke mein freund at Mobile Goalie Repair!”

– Johnny B. G, “Little Nemo”, SIAHL Fremont/SJ, ACHHA, Jr.Sharks

“Essan has been more than courteous to me in all of our conversations. Not only is he a phenomenal and practicical equipment guru, but his attitude is always professional and lighthearted. These above attributes are the reasons why I choose Bay Area Hockey Repair!”

– Chris Dudo, New Jersey, G, GGSU, Padstracker review, Hockeygiant

“Essan is my man for all my goalie gear repair! You rock dude!”

– Bruce Good, #35, G, Owner of The Oriental Carpet, Menlo Park CA

“Essan is one definitely the best, if not the ONLY person I know who does quality repair work on any type of goalie gear. No matter how old or new, or beat up, or trashed your gear is, he’ll make arrangements to get to you, or send repaired gear to you after sending it to him.”

– “Coach” Yoshi Chai #39, G, Coach @ Rollin’ Ice Silver Creek Sportsplex
SJSU Spartans Ice Hockey Club Alumni, FSU Bulldogs Roller Hockey Club

“Essan was very accommodating to the requests I made for replacing my top nylon straps and adding extra loops. He was even kind enough to give me a replacement buckle after I immediately broke it upon receiving the fixed pads.” “The new palm in the Vaughn Blocker felt like a brand new, “warm blanket” and it still hasn’t gotten crusty a few months later. No holes, either with the modification.”

– Kevin Franklin, SIAHL SJ, G

“Everything feels great! Great job with my hands!”

– Eric B., #1 WVHS G, New Jersey