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Bay Area Hockey Repair offers consignment services!

We can sell your gear as fast as 10 minutes to less than 30 days (75% of our consignments sell within this range)

We will use our large global customer reach to help you sell your gear for a small fee.**

Items will be shown at our shop and online in our store.

Contact us for more information.


TRADE-IN your gear for repair credit or Skate Sharpening passes!

Got Pro Return or Pro Stock gear you want to trade-in for repair credit? Maybe you want to refurbish or mod your current set? Trade-in your gear and make it happen!

We accept most types of Equipment from Pro Stock player Gloves to NHL and Minor Pro/College/Major Junior game used gear!***

Call or email us with what you have and get a quote for your repairs & mods!****


**Fees vary but does not go over 49% depending on how fast you want it sold. Typical consignment rates are 50% or MORE.

***We  CANNOT accept sticks, equipment bags, helmets, masks, skates, athletic protector, wheels.

****Turnaround time varies on repairs & mods and will be included in quote.

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  1. Tim Odebralski


    I have a few sets of goalie pads that I am interested in selling. What is your process of getting them listed?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Thanks you for the inquiry.
      Bring them in the shop!
      Call or email us for more info.

      49% fee on all sold consignments, we ask no cups or dirty/stinky items.

  2. Tim Odebralski

    The only problem is I’m in So CA…

    • Not a problem, just mail it to us!

      We cannot sell consignment not in our possession. That’s just not how it works unfortunately.

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